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For me, photography is much more then telling your story, it’s also about capturing your soul.


REAL, INTIMATE, JOURNALISTIC and JOYFUL. Those are the words I would use to describe the heart behind why I do what I do.

WHY CHOOSE REAL? When I, (Haleah Yoder) got married, on Christmas Eve in the year 2015, I only received 3 photos back. At 18, I was a young portrait photographer with very little wedding experience - but 3? It was not the number that bothered me as much as the stiff, ill-posed photographs that were supposed to depict “love” as my photographer, versed by society, thought it “should” appear. Even today, I look at those images and I see a bride worried about “perfection” instead of being in complete and utter love on the happiest day of her life! That was the journey that started it all for me. I wanted to be able to capture moments of sincerity, optimism, pride and joy! The kind of moments that when you look at an image, you feel all over again! That began my journey, my mission and what has now become my entire heart and soul.

WHY CHOOSE INTIMATE? Intimacy is the part of you and your sweetheart that can only be awakened in unison. Intimacy goes beyond attraction, straight to the very souls of who you both are. It’s the look in your eyes, the strength behind your smiles, it’s what makes you both unique and beautiful! It’s more then just your story, it’s who you are and I want to capture that. It’s important to be able to look at an image and feel what it was like to be in love in that moment. To catch the same butterflies, to hear those vibrant drops of laughter…. to just feel it all as it were.

WHY CHOOSE JOURNALISTIC? Everyone has a unique story that plays a huge part in how they met their sweetheart to how they ended up engaged. For me that story doesn’t stop at your engagement; it continues on to your elopement/wedding day, progresses through your day to day and continues on until the day you reach heaven. I choose journalistic because it tells a very beautiful story. I don’t want your gallery to be a series of images constructed. I want them to be candid, expressive, dynamic and as wild and beautiful as your soul.

WHY CHOOSE JOYFUL? Being a woman in love, it sets my soul on fire! It makes my heart rejoice and fills my soul with singing! I believe that love was created to bring out the best in us and it should be celebrated! “I have found the one whom my soul loves!” - Song of Solomon 3:8 You have found someone to say “I do” too, someone to love through the good and the bad times, someone to hold throughout all of eternity, someone to dance with in the streets of heaven itself…. should that not be celebrated?! HECK YES IT SHOULD!

So, lets! Seriously lets!


A Wild Heart | Serving You As Unto The Lord


My name is Haleah, (huh-lee-uh) and I’m a wedding + couples photographer living in middle Georgia! I'm super uncomplicated, I believe the best people are! I adore spontaneous road trips, exotic foods and laughing until my sides hurt. I love Jesus (he gives me joy), kitties (I have a handful) and hubby cuddles on rainy days. I’m married to my childhood sweetheart + the kindest farmer and his name is Rodney.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again! I LOVE LOVE! Love inspires me to be a better person, cheers me up and it makes doing what I do oh so worthwhile! To be able to love and spread love like Jesus does… is there truly any better thing to do on earth? No, no there is not!

Even though I’m local to Georgia, I dream about photographing couples all over the world. New Zealand, Ireland, The Bahamas… are only a few dream destinations on my heart. So if you’re getting married out of state, let’s get togethaaaaaaaa!

Haleah Yoder

your future bestie

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